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    A while back while browsing the forum, I came across a few comments that suggested our regulators were not genuinely Dual Stage due to the shape of the regulator body. Our regulators are very much dual stage. There are many regulators available to aquascapers today and many claim to be dual...
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  3. Equipment
    I ran across this website that seems to be selling used regulators for some pretty cheap prices, not sure if this website is even legit so I thought I'd get a second opinion from the good folks at the planted tank! Also, I'm not even sure if this regulator would work so some confirmation would...
  4. Equipment
    Hey - I have a crappy C02 setup and single stage regulator. Wanted to get a dual with solenoid. Gravitating between one of Orlando's at GLA and the one at Aquatic Magic, shown here...
1-4 of 12 Results