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  1. Riparium/Terrarium/Vivarium
    So a bit of background, my cornsnake prefers higher heat but I can't go over about 50% humidity. I had drought resistant plants in it but the place I was renting had a house fire (I got my snake out and hes safe and sound)and I had to evacuate so the plants died and froze. I had a springtail...
  2. Riparium/Terrarium/Vivarium
    Hello~ I have just set up a 36 gal long tank for my King Snake. It's pretty low tech right now, but I have plans to improve it once I can save up. It was kind of an emergency set up (rescued the snake from my neighbor's son) turned obsession xD Right now, I have an LED light screwed into a dome...
  3. Riparium/Terrarium/Vivarium
    Newbie here! Finally getting back into the terrarium hobby after a 5-year hiatus. I'd like to set up a 10-15 gal planted tank for semi-arboreal millipedes (Dendrostreptus macracanthus). I'll also be putting pillbugs in there and possibly some of the tiny local millipedes I find in the fall...
1-3 of 3 Results