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  1. Photography
    hi all, just wanted to share a few pics from the other day. thanks for taking a look!
    Short Version - I need 5-10 high quality male cherries, of a similar quality to the shrimp pictured below Hi! After a very long break I'm getting back into tanks and with the very fortuitous purchase of a Fluval Spec, I've put together a planted nano with the remainder of my cherry flock...
  3. Fish
    I'm not a big fan of bettas, but this beautiful specimen caught my eye. Saw it pop up on a FB post this evening and thought I'd share. Listed in the post as a "White Dragon King Crowntail"
  4. Tank Journals
    I have recently set up my new optiwhite aquarium. I will post videos and pictures to keep you updated. I hope you enjoy it. Plants: -Hemianthus Callitrichoides -Staurogyne Repens -Eleocharis Acicularis Additional plants are added to prevent algae and will be removed later. Setup: -60x35x35...