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  1. Tank Journals
    About 4 months in, low tech, no CO2 and no liquid ferts at all
  2. Aquascaping
    Hello guys. I’m new doing aquascaping 10 gallons shrimp and my 20 Gallons fish tanks. I will love comments in order to improve in the future. All the pictures right now are with our the water added. I will add pictures of the “final” tanks later today. Really busy weekend 🤪 This is my 20...
  3. Aquascaping
    Hello, I’m new in aquascaping and I need some help. I want to do a 10 gallons shrimp tank most cherry shrimps. I got some “Dragon Stone” from my local aquarium. I read that I need to clean the stones. But, I soaked the stone over 2 weeks now rinse the stone every day. But, the stone never stop...
  4. Tank Journals
    A little disappointed in how symmetrical the scape came out, wish I would have paid attention to making it a little more natural and off center. Overall though it was a good learning experience and looking forward to watching the tank grow and balance!
  5. Tank Journals
    Waterbox clear mini 30 30 gallons All dragon stone and easy plants Low tech tank, no co2 Fluval plant 3.0 light Going to put a oase filtosmart 100 canister filter on, just bought the wrong size lilly pipes so waiting for the new ones to come in, just have a hang on back on for now Mostly...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Was finally able to scape my first rimless tank! All dragon stone and a lot of easy plants as this will be a low tech set up. Would love any feedback!
  7. Tank Journals
    Fairly new to planted tanks, so trying to keep this simple, both aesthetically and maintenance-wise. I'm pleased how it turned out so far, the pictures are two days after planting the HC. The tank is set up on a counter so that both sides are viewable. In terms of light/CO2/ferts, I have the...
  8. Tank Journals
    So my Mr. Aqua 12 gallon long came in, here we go... Substrate - Eco Complete (about 30 pounds) Ohko Stones Beamswork 36-40in Eheim 2213 Aquatek C02 kit - 24oz paintball probably more I'm forgetting. Took me and a buddy hours to setup this hardscape, we just kept making different designs, we...
  9. For Sale/Trade
    $45 shipped per each Large USPS Flat Rate box. I will put as many stones in each box that will fit. Several boxes available. This is a great stone for hardscaping a planted tank. I used it in both my 90 and 150 gallon planted tanks. I've recently re-scaped them using different stone, so I...
  10. WTB/RAOK
    Hi people: I'm looking to buy a large amount of dragon stone, with a few large pieces. I need enough to re-scape a 6 foot tank. PM me if you have some for sale, or know a good place online to buy some. Thanks, Brian
  11. Aquascaping
    I purchased 22lbs of Ohko Stone from Aqua Forrest. This purchase was a mix of economic and stylistic reasoning. I would have preferred manten stone, but the cost to fulfill my needs would have been significantly higher. Ohko Stone seemed be the best choice. 22lbs of Ohko Stone can easily...
  12. Tank Journals
    Hi All I am new to this forum and thought I would jump right in with my Iwagumi journal. I will attempt to document the step by step process and progress of this tank. The tank has been setup up just over a week so i will run through some pictures taken so far. Below are the specifications...
  13. Tank Journals
    Hi guys, Here is my first aquarium. The beginning: Depicted in above pics is use of netlea brown soil substrate and netlea root fertilizer. fill up with remaining media. Total used : 1 9L bag + a couple of cups of brown soil. Front depth: 3" Rear depth: 6-7" night lighting: Time...
  14. Tank Journals
    Been a while since I posted here so I thought I'd show some pics of my latest scape in my 90cm. Following on from this last scape which to be honest got too grown in and didnt do too well in the IAPLC comp Final photo for IAPLC 2011 - #577 - The Unknown Valley The Unknown Valley Stu Worrall...
1-14 of 14 Results