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  1. Lighting
    Hi all, I am trying to do a DIY leds after reading a lot of articles here. My width and height are 30 inches. I have the following observations regarding the LEDs that will be used. 1. Leds should have a wavelength from 400 -700nm. 2. Led Array consists of leds from this wavelength...
  2. Lighting
    Trying to figure out whats the best wire size/gauge 20 or 22awg. to use to link leds together, an whats a good/best dimmer switch to use?
  3. Lighting
    Need some help setting up my LEDs? Question is how do i run my LEDs to get 3-4 watts per gallon? Sorry WPG is the only way i like to measure lighting on my tank/tanks, for me anyway. I do have a par meter. I have a custom 70gal tank an more than enough LEDs to put over it between 3w ones an 1w...
  4. DIY
    Just wondering if anyone out there who has a 70+gal tank with DIY LEDs wants to give a newbie some help? Ok when u see D I Y try n think saving money. If im gonna go an spend $200+ on a diy set up why not just get a finnex or 2 an save on the headaches!
1-4 of 4 Results