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  1. DIY
    Hi Seniors, First, I am new here so if I make any mistake please guide me. I want to create fertilizer for plants with the following formula 1. Potassium Nitrite - KNO3 2. Potassium Sulfate - K2SO4 3. Mono Potassium Phosphate KH2PO4 Please guide how much quantity I use for these...
  2. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I am looking at finding a cheaper way to dose iron. Seachem works great, but I am wondering if I can cut out the middle man and find a cheaper source. I found this iron which looks like it will go a long way as it is very concentrated...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi all. I'm a seasoned fish-only aquarist whom recently began to embark aquascaping. I spent quite a number of weeks researching which course was best to set up my newly heavily planted aquascape. I made adjustments accordingly, based on my budget. After 2 months of hard work and a large...
1-3 of 4 Results