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diy aquarium
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  1. DIY
    I am restoring a 20g Metaframe aquarium and need to replace the glass of a broken pane. Where do DIYers buy aquarium glass? I'm looking for something 6mm - per every chart I've seen - and it doesn't have to be low-iron, though that would be perfered. Thanks!
  2. DIY
    Last night I siliconed my aquarium together. Today I have a tiny tiny leak. Should I just do a reseal or take the whole thing apart and try again?
  3. Tank Journals
    I've been wanting to build a long ada Amazonia style aquarium for awhile. I recently have been side tracked with my other hobby mini drone racing, mostly freestyle. Since that is starting to be boring and hard to get out of the house with an 11month old and second on the way. So why not spend a...
1-3 of 3 Results