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  1. Equipment
    Snails, parasites, diseases--there are plenty of reasons to try and keep each tank contained from other tanks. I recently discovered hydra in 3 of my 4 nano tanks; the last remaining one is least maintenance due to the shrimp breeding colony that lives there, but you can understand why I...
  2. Fish
    Hey guys/girls, So my male scarlet badis has had this growth on his lip, but its recently become quite large and stayed this way for the last 1.5 months or so (see attached pics). The closest thing I could find in the fish diagnosis guide is columnaris or mouth fungus, but it doesn't look quite...
  3. Fish
    I have 3 Celestial Pearl Danios in a 5 gallon planted tank with a dirt substrate. This morning I noticed a patch of white fuzz on one of my fish. It's probably fungus. The fish is still pretty active, so I. Is it okay to treat the whole tank with Coralife Reef Salt? I'm planning to do 1tsp salt...
  4. Fish
    Does my fish have something wrong with it??
  5. Fish
    I have owned guppies for a few years now, and last night, my fish came down with an odd disease. Thier pectoral fins, normally spread gracefully, are now drawn together into little rectangles, and have taken on a thick, cloudy color. Their tails aren't out to thier full spread either. They swim...
1-5 of 5 Results