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  1. Tank Journals
    Hi everyone! This has been a long process and I am writing now with the tank full of water and plants-- so it will take a few posts to bring you all up to speed. Last Christmas, December 2020, I got the 75 gallon tank I had been wanting. The tank isn't in perfect condition, we bought it used...
  2. Equipment
    Hello fellow planted tank lovers! A few days ago my extremely cheap CO2 system in my 75 gallon completely died, and I do not want to refill it again because it is defective. I've been thinking of two options: 1) getting a new CO2 system or 2) getting two new fish instead. My flora: Anubias...
  3. Fish
    Hello. I currently have a 48" long,18" Tall 90 gallon, heavily planted, non-co2 tank with LED lighting, 2 Rena Filstar XP 2 filters running, and a nice community of happy fish. :) Thing is I have had this set up for several years and I am "bored". Currently I have Cardinals, 1 beta, 1...
1-3 of 3 Results