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  1. Substrate
    Hi everyone, I'm starting a new 3ft planted aquarium and I was wondering if it is possible to use pond soil as a base layer and then aquasoil to cap it off? I have seen a few videos and articles that promotes the use of dirt in your aquarium but none that uses dirt and aquasoil at the same time.
  2. Plants
    I've had my aquarium set up for about 2 years now and over the course of its life, I've noticed that a lot of plants that other people have a lot of luck with keep dying on me. For reference, I have a low-tech 15-gallon tank with a Finnex Planted+ light that runs for around 8 hours, 80˚F...
  3. Substrate
    Long story short I want to try a walstad ish tank, same basic principle but I would be using a filter and I’ve been struggling to find any of the recommended soils. This is the closest I can find can someone tell me if it is any good?
  4. Plants
    Hi everyone, Longtime lurker first time posting. I’ve been keeping fish and plants for ages, but I’m pretty new to keeping plants in the fish tank :) So, my new growth on the valisneria is white/transparent. Not melting or stunted or anything, just growing in white. All the new runners, as well...
  5. Substrate
    I love aquatic plants and eventually would like to try a dirted aquarium to try to improve growth and rooting, however, I was wondering how much of an impact dirt has on things like the PH and TDS? I've researched the basics of setting up a dirted aquarium, but I never see much information on...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I dirted and reworked my tank about a month ago, and my tank has gotten crazy cloudy. It's been there for 2-3 weeks now, and I'm unsure what to do. I've done a lot of water changes, but it's not helping. Ammonia and nitrite tests are perfect and the fishes seems to be doing fine. The filter has...
  7. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hello I setup an aquarium a month ago and everything is going great but I want to add some more plants but I think they would really benefit from a dirtied substrate. I cannot be bothered to take the aquarium down so I was thinking of alternatives. Would it be possible that I could pot plants...
  8. Equipment
    I've had a 75 gallon tank with mineralized river-run capped with sand substrate, two Kessil a160we LEDs, but i'm having trouble reaching high enough levels of co2, even to prevent higher lighting levels of algae. I use a 20lb canister with a simple timed solenoid regulator and I've been using a...
  9. Fish
    Hey there, I will be setting up a moderately planted 29g aquarium with a Fluval 206 canister filter. Dirt substrate capped with gravel and sand in some places. The PH of the water out of my tap is 7.8 and doesn't change once in the aquarium (based off of my 10g). My plan so far is: 5 -...
  10. Substrate
    Hi everybody! (Hi Dr. digitalqueso!) Simpsons anyone? Anyway. After a battle with PH for the entire time this tank has been set up, I have finnaly figured out the culprit I think is at least in part to my gravel. Dang ole diddly pea gravel. My ph would get as high as 8.4. And every time I do a...
  11. Substrate
    Hey everyone i am new to this forum. I just wanted to see what you guys think about using C02 in a dirted tank, ive always thought you dont need it because the point of a dirted tank is to be low tech but i have other people disagreeing with me so what do you guys think!
1-11 of 11 Results