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  1. Equipment
    My tank is a 10 gallon high tech planted tank. Initially I had bleached my diffusor and cleaned it with seachem prime since it wasn't working at all. Currently I have my UNS CO2 Mini Regulator set to ~25 PSI. When I open the bubble counter valve substantially then the diffusor puts out plenty of...
  2. Equipment
    I just setup a DIY CO2 system and am using an airstone underneath a powerhead to dissolve the CO2 into the tank. My question is about how much bubbles I should see from the airstone. Right now, there is only a single stream of bubbles and they are quite big. I've seen other tanks where the whole...
  3. Equipment
    I have a 2-tank Co2 system: 20lb tank, regulator, solenoid, 2-way manifold, 2 bubble counters into 2 DYI PVC inline diffusors. I've had these tanks running 2 years, and though the CO2 was never completely stable, I've always had CO2 going in to the tanks. Now I can't seem to get ANY! I...
1-3 of 4 Results