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  1. Equipment
    I have a 29Gal tank, I am using a fire extinguisher CO2 cylinder as a source of pressuired setup. Currently, I have a ceramic diffuser which is located beneath a small 3W power filter. I want to set a venturi setup. will it improve my Co2 diffusion or not? My 3W power filter can be seen, it was...
  2. DIY
    Quick question- I made a DIY CO2 generator, and I'm wondering if an airline connecting to a powerhead output is enough to diffuse the CO2. Video for reference: I'm getting so much pressure because the CO2 generator has an airline in one of the...
  3. DIY
    Hello everyone! It has been 24 hours with my first Co2 attempt, and I need advice and comments. I'd appreciate help and input, etc. even if it is negative. I have 7 years of fishkeeping experience, with 6 years experience of low-level maintenance plants (commonly found plants, lighting and...
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi, I'm currently only a couple of weeks into my first tank, so please be gentle. Firstly I have a Juwel Rio 400 tank (125g) with internal filter system. Due to this I decided to go with pressurised CO2 with a large ceramic diffuser (50mm). In a future tank when I have an external filter...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    My DIY CO2 is connected to an airstone in my tank, which causes the bubbles to scatter and move up over my filter. the filter shoots the bubbles across the tank as the float upwards to the surface. (As shown in pic below) Is this okay? is CO2 actually being dispersed in my tank?
1-5 of 5 Results