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  1. DIY
    I found this video on youtube while I was looking for ways to derim my 5.5 gallons. I tried it and it took me 12 mins to get the rims completely off. It was so easy. I would use a knife that you don't mind ruining though. Mine was covered in melted plastic when I was done.
  2. DIY
    Would this be safe? I have a 20 long and it bows, almost to a frightening degree, when I refill it after a water change. It obviously wouldn't be anywhere near that full for a riparium, probably at half or a little over. I just don't want to buy a tank and have it explode on me :D not a good...
  3. Equipment
    Hi all, I just successfully de-rimmed a 2.5 (only took one broken tank!) with much help from some friends, and it looks great now -- but there are a million tiny pieces of silicone left inside the tank, not adhered to anything, but just generally sticky and not washing out easily. I can pull...
1-3 of 3 Results