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  1. Plants
    Hi friends, the last 2 weeks I notice my reineckii isn’t look so good, The leaves start to curle… Anyone know what deficiency is it? This is from today Two weeks ago
  2. Plants
    So I'm a little stumped on how to correct what I think is a nutrient deficiency in my ludwigia glandulosa palustris. Tank parameters are: 40 gal breeder, fluval plant 2.0 & finnex planted+ 24/7, Pressurized CO2 with modified griggs reactor GH 8, KH 4, pH 6-6.6, 50% water changes weekly Dosing...
  3. Plants
    Hello to All! :x I write to get your expert opinion on this mysterious plant decay in Staurogyne repens. the Repens were growing well and i even trimmed them recently. Since few days back i am seeing parts of leafs are missing. It appears like a Caterpillar eaten leaf. but there are holes in...
1-3 of 3 Results