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  1. New York
    Hey guys I'm looking for a used 3L Deep Blue pro tank. Willing to trade you a standard sized 2.5, cash or plants.
  2. Tank Journals
    Hello guys this is my 1st shrimp tank after many years. Tank - 10 Gallon Filter - AquaClear 70 (With Fluval Sponger Pre Filter and DIY Plastic bottle flow stopper) Heater (none yet) Substrate - Fluval Stratum Plants - Anubias plant, some random nice looking plant my wife picked out (If anyone...
  3. New York
    Hey guys I'm getting myself a 3.5 gal Deep Blue Professional tank today and take apart the 10 gallon and move everything in there. I want to buy some moss. (Java/Weeping any) in NYC would be great. Even better if you're in Queens, Brooklyn or even Long Island. Thank you in advance! Thanks guys...
1-3 of 3 Results