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  1. Fish
    I've been breeding the Scarlet Badis for a little while now and I thought some people might be interested in how I did it and the really significant advantages of captive bred badis over wild caught or farmed specimens imported from India. These fish are not often bred in captivity because...
  2. Fish
    I've got a 35gallon long, and want to do a sort of skittish tank, which would include dario dario, the only other bottom dweller would be kuhli loaches, but can scrap those. How much would fit. Would be heavily planted and heavily hardscaped. Lots of place to break up sight and territory. (Set...
  3. Fish
    I'm hoping to breed these. For now I only have a pair of Dario hysginon and a single male Dario dario but I'm looking for female D. dario. The single male wasn't doing too well when I bought him because he was on his own in a small shop tank with a huge shoal of tetras. He was almost totally...
  4. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hey all this is my first Nano planted tank since I couldn't set up my 20L. I believe this is a 1.2-1.5 gal tank, with aqua soil with some home made fertilizer I got from a member on the forum. Plants: Anubias Petite, needle leaf java fern with small mini driftwood, seiryu stones. Fish: 1...
  5. Fish
    On Monday I bought a Scarlet Badis for my 10 gallon. Last night I couldn't find it, but didn't think much of it since it often hides. This morning I still couldn't find it. The back of the tank is about 5" form the wall so I took my camera (phone) and shot a video of it. Here are the last 6...
  6. Fish
    Hey guys so I was able to finally get my hands on the Dario kajal (Dario Jaintia Hills, Dario Bangladesh) from my LFS. Amazing little fishes. So much character! Ofcourse my all time favorite are the Dario Dario (Scarlet Badis) but these guys are next to them for their similar characteristics. So...
  7. Fish
    Here is a pair of my new Dario dario the other two girls jumped into the tank during drip acclimation so no pics of them yet they are going to be nice additions to my bruce tank. I am still always awe-struck with the size of them thats duck weed in the bowl. So tiny and cute gotta love'em.
  8. Fish
    Hey guys. So I was lucky enough to do a small group order with a few friends and got a 3 Scarlet Badis from msjinkzd (awesome person)! To my surprise unfortunately no one in NYC seems to be breed them. So I took it upon myself that I will try. They're also my first Scarlet Badis.. I did not know...
  9. New York
    Hey guys anyone have a any scarlet badis male/female pair in nyc for sale?
  10. Fish
    Howdy guys and gals! This is just a small question :] I have a new Scarlet Badis, the first I've owned, and I was wondering A. The sex, for one. I've been assuming it's a he because of the behavior and the red stripes, but the red is really faint and I'd like a second opinion. 2. If it is a...
  11. Fish
    I am very interested in breeding the Dario Dario Fish. From what I've read about them the process sounds pretty easy. Can anyone offer advice on the best way to do this?
  12. Low Tech Forum
    I went to my LFS and was once again enchanted by the Freshwater side of this hobby. So, I converted one of my Saltwater Picos to Freshwater. It was created from items I already had. Here's Day 1 October 13, 2012- It's messy ATM, but I imagine the moss covering both the sand and log. It...
  13. Missouri
    Has anyone seens these around St. Louis area, I have found a few online but would rather drive and get them then pay the shipping.
1-13 of 15 Results