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  1. Fish
    I'm currently considering a purchase of this tank from my LFS. 120cm x 30cm x 30cm, 29 G, 108 L. I'd like to choose a schooling fish species to swim the length of this tank, with some flow in the tank. Ideally 20 fast-swimming fish. I'd like to be able to breed them just to maintain their...
  2. Fish
    I like danios. But I haven't bred danios in a long while. My old thread would need the necromancer to bring back so I'll let it rest. I just so happened to have started my project of building my fish room so it's about time I bred some danios and I figured I'd share that knowledge and...
  3. Tank Journals
    Hello Everyone, After a grueling bout with saltwater aquariums that left me bruised, I converted my Innovative Marine 20 gallon NUVO Fusion into a community/planted tank. During the great salt tragedy of 2017, we were simultaneously (yet successfully) running a freshwater Fluval Edge 6...
  4. Fish
    I'm thinking about getting some for my 10-gal that will be my first planted tank. Some one on here told me that tiger barbs would be too much for a 10-gal as they are very nippy. I went to the LPS and notice these beautiful fish called long finned blue danios, but the info available elsewhere on...
  5. New Member Introductions
    new to here my new tank holds: 5 danios, 3 guppies (two male and one female), three african dwarf frogs, 3 ghost shrimp, 1 alage eater. with sand instead of rocks, no live plants but places where the shrimp can hide. in a 20 gal tank.:icon_bigg
  6. Fish
    Hello- I currently am cycling this 2.5 gallon coldwater tank. It stays at about 68-70 F. I will be adding a Red Sea Deco Art Nano Filter sometime in the near future. So, I am trying to decide what to stock it with. Just a pair or maybe three on the small side is all I want. Can you guys...
1-6 of 9 Results