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    I am interested in people's experience of growing *Cyperus papyrus* "Tut" as an emersed plant in an aquarium with fish or shrimps. I'm wondering if all that root biomass may put a lot of CO2 into the substrate and affect the bacterial community in either a good or bad way with regard to the...
  2. Plants
    Hey, would 140-150 PAR at the top of a tank and 40 PAR at the bottom of a tank be enough to satisfy Cyperus Helferi's light requirements? Thanks in advance :)
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    Looking for these plants for a new nano: - mini pellia (riccardia chamedryfolia) - mini mosses - Cyperus helferi - Red Root Floaters (5-10 plantlets) - Lobelia cardinalis (small form) Also looking for 1-2 stems of myriophyllum tuberculatum. Would prefer to get at least two items per seller...
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    I am finding that another nice feature of these peat plugs is that they provide the whole plant some extra padding during shipping. I can pack plants alongside heavier stuff in the box and since the spongy peat plug is there it cushions them.
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    Riparium Foundation Package: Plants & Accessories for Larger Setups This combination package includes two kinds of plants and riparium accessories that work very well as "foundation" elements for larger, open-top riparium setups. By combining the sprawling emersed stem plant,Bacopa sp., and the...
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    This is a pretty good deal for a riparium plant established in a hanging planter. Umbrella sedge (Cyperus) is an excellent choice for open-top riparium setups. Your fish will appreciate the overhead cover created by this and other riparium plants and your whole aquarium system will benefit from...
1-6 of 6 Results