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cyperus helferi
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  1. Plants
    Hey, would 140-150 PAR at the top of a tank and 40 PAR at the bottom of a tank be enough to satisfy Cyperus Helferi's light requirements? Thanks in advance :)
    SOLVED-Looking for Cyperus Helferi, about 10 rooted plants, or even better, potted if you have them. LFS cost is too high. Also looking for dwarf swords (not anything of the "chain" or grassy variety as I have cichlids) as a foreground in a 125G. Also, a large Amazon Sword single.
  3. Plants
    How do you trim Cyperus Helferiu? Do I cut it low or trim out longer leafs here and there? Thanks for any help!
1-3 of 3 Results