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    I'm looking for a culture of them but cant find any and wanted to know if any one has experience with this? need them to feed scarlet badis.
  2. Plants
    Hello, I'm about a month into my first planted tank and I've been having a problem with some green water. I doubt the cause is lack of filtration because I'm running two 20-30 gal HOB filters (no carbon of course) and it's a 20 gal tank. It's heavily planted and there's quite a bit of algae. I...
  3. Equipment
    I am planning to raise my own fish food, mainly daphnia and Cyclops in a large enough water container. Does anyone tried it? What kind of container would be the best? I am going to put it outside. Translucent walls of some big bins would be beneficial for water bloom to enhance small...
1-3 of 3 Results