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  1. Fish
    when can i expect nitrtes to start appearing in my using the api test kit. iv had 4 zebra danios in my 40 gallon tank for about 2 weeks now and ammonia has steadily rose to around .9 doing 30% water changes every couple of days. also about 7 days after puting fish in i used...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Getting ready to do a whole tank transfer really soon. I plan on using new substrate, and a new canister filter with the filter floss of the two old HOB's inside. Other than that, the plants have been in the old tank for a couple weeks-months so a lot of beneficial bacteria there. I am...
  3. Fish
    I learned by some exellent answers that you may not need to cycle a 3 gallon or smaller betta tank! :) Is this true? And how could I understand the water changes? And would I need a filter for this? I AM SO EXCITD TO GET A BETTA FISHY!!!! :bounce:Please tell me how to clean a tank like this!!! :D
  4. Fish
    Hi! I am new here... I wanna Betta fish. I know you should do some kind of fishyless cycle! How long and how should you do this? Any help would be appreciated... Thank you! :icon_smil
  5. Substrate
    I've never used ADA aquasoil before. I've been working with eco-complete for both of my tanks for the last year..but i want to start a 3rd tank and would like to use ADA aquasoil as the substrate. I was wondering if there is any special preparation required before initiating any planting or...
  6. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I am generally disappointed with the "quick cycle" products that claim to instantly cycle a tank with the addition of a few ounces of maybe-viable bacteria. I am wondering how effective it would be for a LFS or fish club to set up a 20 long packed with sponges and a couple powerheads, and just...
61-66 of 66 Results