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    Ideii, Nurii, Noritoi, Kota Tingi or Becketii. Hell, I’d be happy with pretty much anything other than Wendtii! 😀 I don’t know if crypt diversity has greatly diminished in the past 7 or so years I’ve been out of the game but it sure does look like that’s the case. Please message me so we can...
  2. Plants
    I've started loving crypts and I would like know more about them.. do you guys know any good websites or articles about crypts? What are your favorite crypts for nanos? So far I have wendtii green, lutea and lucens...:nerd:
    Hello, I'm looking for a somewhat large quantity of the following species for two big tanks. Mature specimens such as mother plants are preferred. Crypt Affinis Crypt Wendtii Eleocharis Parvula (Dwarf Hair Grass) Hygrophila Difformis (Water Wisteria) Nymphaea Lotus Anubias sp. Moss preferably...
  4. Plants
    I'm struggling with these swords in my tiny tank. Absolutely no idea why I bought such a large plant for such a small tank. It was in the early days of the tank and I had basically no knowledge or experience. I can't get them to grow properly; they have always had some kind of deficiency which...
    Everything has been claimed Hi Everyone, Did a major cleanup of my nano jar, I have about 3 to 4 crypts i think wendtii, a few strands of Hydrocotyle sp."Japan", a golfball size of riccia. Shipping will be around $6 to $8 depending on where you live. I will be shipping these in a small...
  6. For Sale/Trade
    Hi, I have the following plants for sale: Cryptocoryne nurii $10 Also available: Alternanthera reineckii 'Mini' (16 left) $0.50/stem Shipping is $7. Cryptocoryne affinis 'Metallic Red' (three or four large plants) SOLD Cryptocoryne undulata (four or five large plants) SOLD...
  7. Tank Journals
    Traded out the old 75 for this beauty: Planting is very much in flux, but all the hardscape and plumbing is good to go. Going to try and keep it low maintenance this time around with crypts and ferns mostly.
    Wanting to buy Pogostemon Helferi (Downoi) regular or Red variation. Only contact me if your selling below typical cost of these plants as if I wanted to pay this much I would just buy it from eBay. Thank you in advance... P.S. Emersed Crypts or other emmersed plants are welcome as well.
  10. For Sale/Trade
    Crypts have all been sold. Still have: 12 erio vietnam $5/plant or $50 shipped for all Riccia for $5/handful Shutting down this tank for good to try my hand at a paludarium. Would entertain trades for vivarium related plants/supplies and also some anubias or buce
  11. For Sale/Trade
    Have some more plants for sale. $24 shipped for everything. Half of what is pictured has been sold ~9 Crypt retrospiralis ~10 Rotala macrandra ~8-10 Echinodorus vesuvius Clump of riccia [/URL][/IMG]
  12. For Sale/Trade
    Tank redecorating sale! I'm selling a bunch of Florida Sunset crypts that have been growing in a low-light/no CO2 tank. $6/each for the big ones, $5 for the smaller bunches, $25 for the lot. These need to go soon. Local Los Angeles pickup only please. PM if interested.
  13. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    Hi guys, I am brand new to the forum, and have come across this site for reference in the past. It's been very helpful. What I am struggling is having a balanced dosing to prevent losing large and small leaves. Attaches are some pictures. As you can see, the Dwarf Baby Tears, Crypts, and...
  14. WTB/RAOK
    Hi guys :) I'm looking to purchase some easy plants like java fern/moss and maybe some crypts. A lot of the selections around my area haven't looked great and a friend recommend this site to me. Thanks in advance.
  15. For Sale/Trade
    Various Crypt. wendtii color forms (red, green), $2 each. Shipping is $6 in a flat rate box. More available than pictured.
  16. For Sale/Trade
    Hudoroi Crypt Bigger plant posted $10 and smaller $7 I have quantity so if you are looking for more than we can talk. The pics shows how big they are and that they are not small plants and example of what you would be getting have been growing for years! Bronze Crypt Bigger Plant $3 and...
  17. For Sale/Trade
    50 Cherry Shrimp for $50 shipped with moss and kordon bag. add $2 if you need heat pack. Crypt Hudoroi $10 each, if you want multiples I can negotiate. If you feel real froggy I am willing to sell the whole mat at a wholesale price. Years of growth! Bronze Crypts $2 each, also willing to...
  18. For Sale/Trade
    I have the following for sale: Crypt Wenditti - $3 each (4-5 leaves) Crypt Lutea - $3 each (3-4 leaves) Staurogyne Repens - 0.50 c/stem Hydrocotyle verticillata - 0.50 c/node Fissidens Fontanus - $8 enough to cover a 2" by 2" area Shipping is $7 priority in the US. All plants are in my 55...
  19. For Sale/Trade
    This Crypt Wendtii has been growing in one of my low light 10 gallons for 2 years now and was just pulled for a rescaping. I'm 90% sure it's Wendtii Red. The plant is very healthy and can be cut into MANY smaller plants. Some very minor algae, snail eggs, or small Red Rili shrimp may be...
  20. WTB/RAOK
    Looking to fill up a 300 gallon native fish aquarium. Doing pool filter sand substrate with root tabs and T5HO lighting. Looking for Anubia, Crypts, Java Fern, Moss, Swords and Water Sprite. Up for any suggestions or if possible native plants to Minnesota. Thanks!
1-20 of 31 Results