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  1. Planted Nano Tanks
    So, basically i rushed into buying a nano tank weeks after setting up my first non-planted tank! I wanted to make this one a low-tech dirted tank but when the fish on the other tank began to die, I put every thing on hold with this one. I had already sprinkled about two dozen single seeds of...
  2. Plants
    Hi I'd really appreciate it if someone could identify my crypt. https :// https ://
  3. Plants
    Could someone ID these plants? I know that I have a crypt and a java fern but more exact names? Also the name of this stem plant, thnx :grin2: (Sorry, I couldn't rotate the images..)
  4. Colorado
    Just set up a new large footprint tank and needing some crypts.. Anyone have any crypts they'd like to sell off? Interested in any variety honestly at this point Around Denver/Aurora area preferably..
  5. Tank Journals
    ----- Equipment: Last Updated 4/16 Tank : Deep Blue 80 gal. Rimless Frag Aquarium (48" x 24" x 16" tall) Stand : See my build below :) - Lighting : 2 Beamswork 6500 LED + 1 Ecoexotic LED - 36" width Vitaplant Hydroponic 4-bulb 4' T5 (2) 6500k and (1) Trulumen Flora Filter : AquaClear...
  6. Planted Nano Tanks
    I've dug up my old 5gal after not being satisfied with my 29gal and it was sitting on my desk for about a month with nothing but gravel really without knowing what to do with it. I also bought a 25cm cube from my local fish guy and it also was on my desk for a month as well. Finally set them up...
  7. Aquascaping
    I rescaped my 20G long crypt collection last week, culled a couple species and moved everything to more size-appropriate spots. I've got about 15 Here's a quick cell pic of how it's looking thus far: I'm considering ordering more Mini Taiwan Moss as the stuff I got about a month ago isn't...
1-7 of 56 Results