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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi! I joined to ask this community about this crack because it worries me. It cracked like 6 month ago, and it didn't get any worse, but i was thinking about repairing it with silicon, would it help?
  2. Equipment
    Hi guys. I just noticed that my old glass heater cracked somehow. A lot of corrosion developed over the last day or two since water started slowly leaking in. When I tried to further examine it, the bottom piece of glass full of water and suspended corroded material fell out. White colored...
  3. DIY
    I have a 36 gallon tank that I am wanting to fix a broken pane of glass on. It is the back pane so it should be easier to get a piece of replacement glass. But instead of just fixing it I am going to make it better! I checked the glass thickness and it is 3/8in thick. I think that this glass...
  4. Equipment
    While re-siliconing my 25Gal recently I cracked the top black rim/brace while attempting to get it out for the project. Its cracked towards one of the corners and now I am worried about the integrity of the tank. I read in a few other threads that braceless might work in some instances - however...
1-4 of 4 Results