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  1. Fish
    I found a collection of eggs on the tank glass this morning. I have no idea what created these and was hoping that someone could help me identify the culprit. I have White Cloud Minnows and Sterbai Corydoras in the tank as well as some pond snails (idk what, small snails that came off a...
  2. Fish
    If you are trying to breed corydoras, (in my case it was C.Trilineatus) you may find this post enlightening and useful. If you have breed these fishes already, add your experiences so others who wish to do so can follow. My experience with my corydoras spans over three years. Until recently I...
  3. Pennsylvania
    The next meeting will be Thursday night 4/3 at 7:30 at the Churchville Nature center. Meetings are scheduled for 1st Thursday of each month with few exceptions. The speaker this month will be Eric Bodrock speaking on "Cory Breeding Made Easy" There is typically a small auction following...
1-3 of 3 Results