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  1. General Planted Tank Discussion
    This could start a huge debate but I'm willing to try! I've always been fascinated by corals and I decided to join the fishkeeping hobby with a Freshwater tank because it's cheaper and supposedly easier. Now that I've got experience... I'm looking towards a coral tank. So, I'm calling on you...
  2. California
    Hey guys, just want to let everyone know that The Aquarium Showroom will be having a 50% off sale on practially all the freshwater fish this Saterday June 13th. If anyone want anything cheap, nows the time Also Lots of Saltwater corals came in for cheap also The Aquarium Showroom 2137 S.10th...
  3. California
    Anyone in Northern California: Please come check it out: Saturday June 13th 2009 for the 2nd annual BAYMAC - The Bay Area Marine Aquarium Conference All ages and skill levels are welcome to attend this free admission event, no club membership required. Centrally...
1-3 of 4 Results