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  1. Florida
    I'm looking to buy a chiller for a 20 gallon freshwater tank for an Axolotl. Willing to buy your pump and tubing as well. I'm a dog foster but someone left this guy on my door step and my kids want to keep it. Thankfully I had an aquarium and pump but he needs cool water. I'm willing to travel...
  2. Equipment
    All- I found this link through my home brewing hobby. It's an open source wifi dual-temperature controller currently being developed through Kickstarter*. When I saw it in my news feed I instantly thought fish tanks could be controlled as well. While reading the description, they even...
  3. DIY
    Will this work? [Ebay Link Removed] Or are there other (cheaper) methods to do a PC fan hooked up to a tank for cooling? I can't find thermostats where you just plug an outlet in or something and it comes one room temp gets past a certain degree, like a light timer essentially, for under $10...
1-3 of 3 Results