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  1. Fertilizers and Water Parameters
    I am interested in learning more about the freshwater nitrogen cycle and how to support denitrification bacteria. I often find articles that look great and have the level of depth I'm looking for, only to discover it's about a marine environment. Is the nitrogen cycle of the saltwater tank so...
  2. Planted Nano Tanks
    I went in to buy a second Fluval Spec III (2.6gal) today but the pet store was out. I saw they had their own brand, the Imaginarium Pro 3.7 gallon, and decided to try that out. Like the Fluval, it has its own compartment for the water pump and a sponge filter. The compartment looks bigger than...
  3. Equipment
    I'm wondering which works better for a 29 gallon.. I would assume the Aquaclear would do better considering it can work with a tank up to 50 gallons but the Fluval 30 C2 has 5 filtering stages as opposed to the Aquaclear that only has 3. Anyone who's had experience with these filters help...
  4. Lighting
    So I am trying to finalize my lighting choice for a 33-gallon Long (48x12x13h). (It's a low tech natural planted 2" substrate with tannin colored water from Indian almond leaves and a glass lid for reference) But after reading a colossal amount of stuff on light and lightening and then...
  5. Plants
    I am planning to do a serious scape for my nano soon and cannot decide on which grass to use. Details: tank: Evolve4, display area roughly 9x6x6 (with substrate) Substrate: Miracle grow organic potting mix capped with gravel (also Osmocote plus dry fert tabs) Light: stock (still don't know if I...
  6. Lighting
    What is the difference between Compact fluorescent and T5HO lighting. I am setting up my planted aquarium again and have a compact setup but will probably need new bulbs anyway, so it could be a good time for a change.
1-6 of 6 Results