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  1. Lighting
    I recently bought a 10 gallon starter kit that came with a 14w 4200k Hagen Sun Glo T8 flourescent tube. I was considering upgrading to an incandescent hood with two 23w 6500k Sylvania CFLs Would the upgrade be worth it? Has anyone had any experience with that type of Slyvania bulb?
  2. Lighting
    Like the title says, I honestly have no idea what to do about lighting. I currently have a desk lamp clipped onto the back of my 5-gallon. The description of the bulb from the website says, "13 watt GU24 compact fluoresent bulb included equivalent to a 60W bulb" What does that mean? Can...
  3. Lighting
    Trying for some help again. My situation: In the process of setting up a planted 10 gallon tank. My first planted tank. My light sucks. I have no hood. I don't want a hood either. Im going for easy to grow plants with medium light (pygmy chain sword will take over my tank :D, anubias, an...
1-3 of 4 Results