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  1. Ohio
    Just hear from a friend, Petco's $1 gallons ale has been going on. It ends 11/18. Thought I'd share, picked up a 40b for myself :grin2: (PS, I live in Columbus)
  2. Ohio
    Hi, I've got a full 38 gallon of trimmings/runners/extra plants available. Could easily scape & plant a 75 gallon. Plants include: Narrowleaf Java Fern Dwarf Sag Subwassertang Ludwigia Repens Crypt wentii Jungle Val Rotala rotundifolia Broadleaf Sag 0.50 cents a plant. Local pick...
  3. Ohio
    Looking for some tiger shrimp in the Columbus area, all varieties (regular, black, blue). Thanks!
  4. Ohio
    hi all-- title says it all. i'd like to acquire these from someone in the area. don't really have anything for trade; at least, not something that someone who has CBS and pencilfish would want. please hit me up with details. thanks!
1-4 of 5 Results