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  1. DIY
    Hi, im just wondering what types of wood i can place in a tank without harming the general wellbeing of the fish. I know mopani and bogwood are good for the aquarium but they are a bit on the expensive side for only a few branches, so if anyone can tell me as many types of wood i can use that...
  2. Plants
    Hello all! My next two posts on my blog AquaBiota will be about a short collecting trip with a few friends that I took to a prefecture by the name of Shizuoka, it’s a prefecture that is relatively near Mt. Fuji. There was a great abundance of moss as well as a number of small ferns that I...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Like to go for a walk in nature, to find a little inspiration.... I find all sorts of rock formations, mossy trees, and clear streams that I can imagine would look great in a tank.... also a great way to find driftwood and rocks for that aquascape.... here is a nice creek near my home, lots of...
  4. Oregon
    GPAS will be hosting Brian Perkins on Tuesday May 26, he will share a presentation on collecting in Peru. More information can be found at
1-4 of 4 Results