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  1. Equipment
    Hello! I want to set up a betta sorority in a 50 gallon tank I recently got. I know that in order to make it look the way I've been dreaming, I need a CO2 system and better lights than I am used to with my current betta tanks (Currently, I have 2 tanks with Anubis and dwarf hairgrass). I am...
  2. Equipment
    So I am planning on installing a CO2 system on my established 90 gallon planted aquarium and the biggest issue that I am running into is making a flow chart for a timer to shut off CO2 at night and a pH controller to help maintain a specific pH range and for monitoring purposes. I think the...
  3. DIY
    Hello All... Im in the process of setting up a co2 system for my tank and ran into problem right off. I bought a paintball tank, paintball tank CGA320 adapter and a "DoubleSun Hydroponics Aquarium CO2 Regulator Made of Brass with Bubble Counter Check Valve" from Amazon. The problem is the...
1-3 of 3 Results