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  1. Planted Nano Tanks
    Hey guys, so as the title suggests I'm looking for some advice on a a kick-ass CO2 setup. I'm looking for the best way to automate and regulate CO2 in my Mini-M planted. I guess I should start by listing my setup. Initial CO2 setup: -2.5 lb pressurized tank -Aquatek regulator with integrated...
  2. Equipment
    I got some help buying what I need for a CO2 setup but now I don't fully know how to set it up. Here is a picture of everything I have. It's a Milwaukee regulator. There is a diffuser on top, the orange tubing, and what appears to be two white plastic washers? I also have extra tubing and a...
  3. Equipment
    I am planning to buy a CO2 setup and am looking for a little bit of advice as I am doing my research. I am willing to spend up to $200 if needed but wouldn't mind settling for less. Will be setup on a 29G tank with a Fluval canister (305 I think). At a fish auction tonight I was talking with...
1-3 of 5 Results