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  1. Equipment
    Since the Aquatek of CA mini is sold out I am on the hunt for a solid regulator to be used on a 9oz paintball cylinder. The tank is a 3 gallon and all components (canister filter, co2, etc) will be on a table top setup so I would like for the regulator to be as attractive as possible (the less...
  2. Illinois
    I have a co2 regulator with solenoid that Im looking to trade or sell for $100 or best offer (pm me with the offer). If you want to trade, please be within CTA, or willing to meet Within CTA. Im looking for: 20 gallon long with hob filter and light fixture led light fixture for 10 gallon or...
  3. Equipment
    I am planning to buy a CO2 setup and am looking for a little bit of advice as I am doing my research. I am willing to spend up to $200 if needed but wouldn't mind settling for less. Will be setup on a 29G tank with a Fluval canister (305 I think). At a fish auction tonight I was talking with...
  4. Aquatek of California
    Aquatek of California CO2 Regulator with Cool Touch Solenoid Video
  5. Equipment
    Hey All, So I've decided I want to pick up a CO2 system for my 90g tank. I have been reading a fair bit and I think that I want a dual-stage regulator on a standard tank, however, I still don't know which actual parts to get and reviews on some of these are few and far between. This is what I...
  6. Equipment
    Hi. Has anyone used the ADA CO2 regulator and setup? I have a nano tank and its the cheapest CO2 setup out there that I can find. Is it good quality? How is it compared to Milwaukee? Or GLA? I want to spend the least amount of money possible. New to CO2 so I don't want to replace any parts.
  7. Equipment
    Hey gang, I found an ad for a 10lb used tank on craigslist, 'JBJ brand regulator / solenoid combo - perfect working condition, this tank is Half full - $150'. He also had a milwaukee + bubble counter + 3/4 full tank for 160 but he sold it. just wanted to get you thoughts... go for it or...
  8. DIY
    A couple people have asked about the nano regulator I built up for my Fluval Edge. This post details that build as well as some of the info I dug up while figuring out how to do it. While some of this is specific to the Edge, hopefully it will be helpful for anyone who is considering the ADA...
  9. Other Websites
    Check us out and let me know what you think. Orlando
41-49 of 59 Results