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  1. Equipment
    MY SETUP : Dennerle Nano 10 liters---( co2 bomb - citric acid+baking soda) ---> (On/Of Solenoid +programmable socket)--->(glass check valve)--->(glass bubble counter)-->(co2 flow regulator)--->(ceramic diffuser). PROBLEM :So i made a schedule 1 hour before lights are on to start the co2 but...
  2. Equipment
    Hi all, I'm thinking of switching over to a pressurized system utilizing a paintball tank I have laying around. I was going to buy a CGA320 connector regulator thinking that later on I will buy a full sized tank. I will buy an adapter to fit onto my paintball tank in the meantime. I have...
  3. Equipment
    Hi, I just got this metering valve online. It's a swagelok valve but I'm not sure what the model number is.
  4. Equipment
    Is there anyone on here build and sell CO2 regulators? If so how much do they charge and what's the turnaround time? Thanks!
  5. Equipment
    A few days ago I lost my corydoras and otocinclus to what I think was an end of tank CO2 dump, but I'm not 100% sure. When I got home late Friday night after being gone all day I found them dead with no signs of injury or external parasites. The corys appeared to be flushed pinkish red on the...
  6. DIY
    hi guys i recently bought the fluval 20g co2 kit i wanted to go ahead and add a pressure gauge and solenoid i can later order a paintball tank and add on as i go but im still looking for a co2 source and im itching to aquascape!! im pretty sure i need a T connector but does anyone know which...
  7. Oregon
    I am in SE Portland. I have a CO2 Pressure Regulator w/Solenoid want to sale. It is used in great condition. No leak at all. It works with 5lbs Co2 tank If anyone in local interested. Let me know. Asking: $50 Pm me for any question.
21-27 of 59 Results