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  1. Equipment
    I already have a regulator for this CO2 tank and need a needle valve to facilitate the rest of my setup. The output is a 5/8"-18 RH thread. Any ideas? Industrial suppliers fine
  2. Equipment
    My CO2 flow won't start each day when the solenoid opens. The solenoid is fine, but I have to twist the needle valve way open to get it going, and then slowly close the needle valve thru the day to keep the flow from going crazy. It seems like there is a lot of back pressure at the start of...
  3. Equipment
    I have nice clippard Solenoid that came with a needle valve. Now im pretty new to the pressurized co2 game and I dont know the terms too well. So I took pictures. Here is the whole deal. Here is the needle valve. I need whatever screws onto here so I can run co2 through the solenoid. Im...
  4. Equipment
    I found a 2 stage Victor regulator model 16641i purchased and as a newbie i guess i need a high quality needle valve so any body got a source and a part number? Its designed for Co2 use so it will thread directly onto my 50 LB bottle Im planning high tech system so Ill need a solenoid as well -...
1-4 of 4 Results