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  1. Aquatek of California
    AQUATEK 5 Way CO2 Splitter for Solenoid Regulator Only $53.99 FREE SHIPPING on (Limited Quantity Sale, Exp 10/20/2011) With this splitter, you can connect up to 5 CO2 diffusers/supplies from a single CO2 cylinder This splitter allows precise regulation of flow and is...
  2. Aquatek of California
    AQUATEK PRO CO2 Regulators with COOL TOUCH Solenoid Emitter System: Six Outlets Model with 6 FREE Bubble Counters $104.99 on (Limited Quantity Sale, Exp 10/10/2011)
  3. Aquatek of California
    Aquatek of California 3 in 1 CO2 Diffuser Video
  4. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hi guys. I've been thinking about using Attison's Betta Spa or Indian Almond Leaves in my tank. Both products state that they lower Ph. My concern is that the KH/Ph/CO2 relation chart won't be useful since something else than CO2 is messing with the Ph. In another thread I found a post...
1-4 of 4 Results