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  1. Equipment
    I haven't been able to find any articles on this; so I thought I'd see what people here thought. I recently decided to start a high tech pressurized 40G tank. And was trying to decide what sort of diffuser to by, when it occurred to me that I might not need to by any at all. In stead I decided...
  2. DIY[/IMG] Currently have a 20 long tank with diy yeast-sugar co2 with ecocomplete substrate and normal sand substrate on top. The tank contains seiryu rocks for shrimp that I will later add and it has a 30 Aquaclear with a corner...
  3. Equipment
    I know tying something to the filter output would be best, but what if it's for a tank with HOBs? Would a bubble ladder be my best option? Are they all that bulky and ugly?
  4. Equipment
    Hi All, I have been doing some research regarding a canister filter. I believe my current filter capacity is way under powered for proper nutrient and CO2 distribution. I currently have a 26 gallon bowfront that is 24LX20HX15D. I have a aquaclear 30 and a Hydro Korlia. I would only have around...
  5. Equipment
    Just like the title says. Been thinking about this for awhile. Basically, when is it too cost intensive or whatever? i.e. If I had a 1200gal tank. Wouldn't I need multiple CO2 tanks to keep it 30ppm? Like 2 or 3 20-50# CO2 tanks to keep it at 30ppm? Thanks for the interest!:)
  6. DIY
    can i take a bubble counter fill it with filter media to break up bubbles? i hear the ceramic disk set up can waste co2 i was thinking maybe i can do both? :icon_ques
  7. Equipment
    I just wanted to see how many people use the watts 1/4" tube from HD? I bought a few of the knockoff diffusers from eBay and the silicon tube I got didn't work, so I was gonna try using the watts one from HD which I also have here's pics of the bootleg diffusers. Also wanted to ask has anyone...
  8. General Planted Tank Discussion
    How do you all diffuse your CO2? check out this video on the chemistry behind CO2 mixing with water and let me know what you thing the best way is.
1-8 of 8 Results