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  1. Equipment
    Hi all, After much waiting, I have finally decided to go hi-tech. I am putting together the gear myself! I recently got a second hand CONCOA Multistage CO2 Regulator and a Hoke needle valve. I am looking for recommendations for a good solenoid and a bubble counter, that wont break the bank...
  2. Equipment
    Hi everyone, I have a 55g high tech planted tank and with the bubble rates I need to see proper growth on my R. macrandra, the bubbles are too fast to count and bubble counter has no water left in it in 2 days. I guess I simply need a bubble counter that produces larger but fewer bubbles but I...
  3. DIY
    can i take a bubble counter fill it with filter media to break up bubbles? i hear the ceramic disk set up can waste co2 i was thinking maybe i can do both? :icon_ques
  4. Equipment
    Has anyone used this diffuser before and also used it as a bubble counter to set their CO2 system? I know u can put water in it and sort of see bubbles and use those to set it and forget it ( CO2 system ).
  5. DIY
    Hell all, I am having a speck of trouble with my new co2 yeast reactor. It is in an ocean spray bottle I added 2 cups sugar, i packet yeast and a pinch of baking soda. Noticed that it was producing a ton of bubbles So I divided by 2 and refilled the balance with water. I am using a...
  6. Aquatek of California
    AQUATEK PRO CO2 Regulators with COOL TOUCH Solenoid Emitter System: Six Outlets Model with 6 FREE Bubble Counters $104.99 on (Limited Quantity Sale, Exp 10/10/2011)
  7. Aquatek of California
    Aquatek of California 3 in 1 CO2 Diffuser Video
  8. Aquatek of California
    Aquatek of California CO2 Regulator with Cool Touch Solenoid Video
  9. DIY
    I just made a simple DIY glass jar bubble counter and have a few questions. I sealed up around where the CO2 lines go in and out (both sides) of the lid. I hear people talking about how air leaks are common with these things. Do I need to add caulking to the lid to get a good seal, or will my...
  10. DIY
    So I got really tired of staring at my large bubble counters next to my fish tank and decided to start a DIY bubble counter project that attached directly to the two liter bottles. This is how my old one looked Anyway, here is a list of things needed for the project. I just found...
  11. Other Websites
    Check us out and let me know what you think. Orlando
1-11 of 11 Results