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  1. Photography
    Hi all, It’s been a while since I uploaded any photos. I’ve still been active on my blog, and have been posting photo and stories. I just haven’t put any up here because they have all been about insects and I have posted quite a number of pictures over the past few months. I don’t want to wear...
  2. Photography
    OK, I am exploiting some literary license—bees don’t have a bum after all—but I just couldn’t resist! The item in question is actually the abdomen of a bumble bee; and the photo below is one of a baker’s dozen of pics of western thatching ants I posted on my blog last night. Cheers, EC...
  3. Photography
    Hi all, The photo below is a portrait of a blue bottle fly that is one of the pictures that went up on my blog yesterday. These are a common type of blow fly that has the delightful scientific name of Calliphora vomitoria. Considering that these flies feed on carrion, their scientific name...
  4. Photography
    Hi all, I have discovered that I really like photographing spiders... they are pretty darn interesting critters—both in behaviour and appearance. Plus of course many species are ambush predators that sit in one place and wait for prey to come along (sit-and-wait predators). The nice thing...
  5. Photography
    Hi all, I posted this photo of a harvestman on my blog the other night—an arachnid that isn’t a spider for a change! Mind you, I did get some more really nice pics of spiders recently...they will go up soon. Cheers, EC harvestman F22 copyright Ernie Cooper...
  6. Photography
    Not for the squeamish: the photo below is of a feeding mosquito: one of a series of pictures I posted on my blog last night of this mosquito slowly filled its gut with my blood! Cheers, EC mosquito 7 copyright Ernie Cooper 2012 sm for post by ernie.cooper, on...
  7. Plants
    Another one of my flytraps has been busy...from my blog this morning... Cheers, EC venus flytrap F8 copyright Ernie Cooper 2012 sm for post by ernie.cooper, on Flickr
  8. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Hi all, OK, I admit it, I really like these little critters. I just posted another series of photos of a pond snail (like this one) trying to crawl off a plant... Maybe I should have started a blog just about snails? Cheers, EC
1-8 of 8 Results