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  1. Equipment
    I've pulled out all my equipment that was last in use 7 years ago or so. My Clippard solenoid isn't completely shutting off... actually, it may never have really worked as intended. Anyway, what's the standard for solenoids today? Preferably one that won't melt itself from the inside out...
    If you have one for sale, please PM me.
  3. For Sale/Trade
    Ive got a couple fisher scientific dual stage regulators with clippard mme-2QDS 110V solenoids, needle valve, and fittings. The solenoids are brand new and already wired up. These were built for people locally but fell through. One of the high pressure gauges was replaced on one of the...
    I am looking for someone selling a Clippard mouse solenoid already wired. I would prefer it including the 15490-2 manifold, but it is not required. Thanks! Ben
    Looking for a decenent solenoid for my next regulator build. Please PM me with what you got.
  6. Equipment
    I recently acquired a Matheson 3810 stainless regulator, however it does not have a low pressure gauge and I need to switch out the stem on it (cga 580) to a cga 320. Where is the best place to obtain a low pressure gauge that is a 316 stainless Matheson gauge with a range from preferably...
1-6 of 6 Results