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  1. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Hey all, I’ve been meaning to start culturing some brine shrimp (never have before) and I just have some general questions. 1-is it more price efficient to hatch them instead of just buying them? 2-I plan to use a simple diy setup with some plastic bottles and an air pump shooting through the...
  2. DIY
    I recently bought a 75g tank that is drilled in the bottom right corner. I was kind of dreading putting in a big ugly overflow box, I always thought they were ugly. So Ive been trying to think of ways to make something that is minimally invasive and not too hard to do. I came up with this idea...
  3. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I have a 7 foot long 265 gallon saltwater fish only tank and I am having a huge issue with having deadzones in the corners of the tank. I have nothing but fish in this tank such as a puffer fish, queen trigger, banana eel, picasso, clown trigger, soho tang, and more. The issue is that any time...
  4. Aquascaping
    I have just received a secondhand piece of bogwood. It came from the same tank as some fish that I'm about to place into my tank. Do I need to treat it or wash it in a special way before placing it in my tank?
  5. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    I've read that snails can harbor several species of flukes that can infect humans, namely lung and liver flukes. I was wondering, is there a way to purge snails of flukes, or something like that? I'm considering getting some MTS.
  6. Substrate
    Hello all, When I only had gravel in my 55G tank, I would clean the gravel during my water changes. I would let the water flow to a 5 gallon bucket on the floor. The problem is I can only gravel clean about 4 buckets worth because I don't want to do too big of a water change. I was wondering...
  7. Aquascaping
    I have a decent-sized cow vertebra, about 4" long, which I was thinking would look cool in a tank. As I recall, it spent awhile in a field with other bones, then was boiled to clean it, then sat in a wheelbarrow for awhile before I bought it and soaked it in a bucket of water for two weeks. How...
  8. Substrate
    Well... resetting up my planted tank and of course would like to save a few dollars by re-using my old flourite. Now... shamefully it was left in a semi wet state, uncleaned, for quite some time.... a little white 'fuzz' did get on the surface... and now I am unsure if or how to clean it all up...
  9. General Planted Tank Discussion
    The new tank i got has some major fogging on the front glass panel, and it makes it look like the water is not clear at all. I tried soaking it with vinegar/baking soda overnight, tried a razor, some highly acidic bathroom cleaner, and scrubbing REALLY hard but to no avail. The whole window...
  10. General Planted Tank Discussion
    So, I've been searching for that perfect piece of drift wood for as long as i can remember and today, my search paid off as i pulled this amazing piece of wood out of a local lake which i now plan to put in my planted discus tank. I had great plans for cleaning it hoping to make it perfect when...
  11. Substrate
    I Got a Huge Bag of these for 5 dollars saved me a lot of money Would they be good for 4ft tank
1-11 of 11 Results