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  1. Plants
    I am starting a new 20gl long freshwater tank and I need some help. I want to give my tank a very natural look with lots of driftwood and plants. My question is, is there a selection of plants that would look great together and that would cost around $20? I want a clean natural look with no...
  2. Equipment
    Not shure if this is the right spot for this question but here goes. My planted 20gal high has two filters one aqua clear 20, and a tetra whisper 30. Besides my substrate releasing air and the dirt with every so often the water still doesn't look clear there's always little things allthrough...
  3. Fish
    I am realizing that I need to plan a clean up crew if I am going to keep plant my aquarium with more plants. I have 4 Sailfin Black Mollys and 9 neon tetras. We are considering 1 Dwarf Gouramis, Turquoise guppies, and other tetras. I have a terribly planted tank at the moment, but am going...
1-3 of 3 Results