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  1. DIY
    I need to redo my tank's substrate because the tank's pH is too high. The undergravel filter has a powerhead. I was thinking of using a bottom layer of activated carbon topped with porous clay pebbles. Has anyone ever tried something similar? Or know of probable complications? Thanks.
  2. Substrate
    Hi all, I'm setting up an Orinoco tributary tank and would like to get some fine sand, clay, mud for the substrate, any recommendations? I had a thought to crush up some old aquasoil I have, it's a clay material..
  3. Substrate
    Is there any benefit using clay, potash, and dolomite under black diamond sand without dirt? My friend and I are both changing substrates to black diamond sand. I am going the mineralized top soil route and sprinkling potash and dolomite on bottom and adding clay to the soil and cap with BD. And...
  4. Substrate
    I'm thinking of getting some clay (or clay powder mixed with sand/peat moss) and smushing it to the bottom of my tank as a 1st layer for super easy anchoring. Is there a reason people don't do this and use hard clay pebbles? Is it because it clouds the water? Even if you cap with sand or...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Just wondering if anyone tried to make a cave from clay let it dry n put it in the tank, if so what happened? Any leaching of clay n makin water cloudy did the fish even use it, or did it collapse after getting wet n soggy?
  6. DIY
    So I have a growing leopard sailfin pleco that me and my husband are planning a large DIY tank for. Our first DIY to tackle is making the bottom look like a nice natural stone or claw bottom. Current experience shows soil and gravel substrate to be a pain to get poop out of (my husband has a...
  7. Shrimp & Other Invertebrates
    Lately, there seems to be plenty of new people are entering the hobby. I have done my fair share of learning here and hope to pay forward the help afforded me to successfully keep these awesome creatures. There are also plenty of shrimp tank setup how-to's written so those bits wont be mentioned...
  8. Plants
    I'm attempting my first planted tank and have committed some serious amateur mistakes. Now my plants are dying and I'm not sure how to react. First, I put the plants in the tank before letting it cycle (day 3). Then, I forgot to turn the water heater back on the first night. Next, I broke my...
  9. Substrate
    In the MTS sticky this site: is suggested as a source of clay for MTS. Which of their dry clays would it be best to use? Here's a description of what's in each clay:
1-10 of 12 Results