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  1. Equipment
    Hi All, I am somewhat certain I've seen some recommendations for plastic clips/clamps that help keep air from getting into dosing pump lines on this site, but several searches have left me empty handed. I'm running a Hygger 4 peristaltic pump doser. I am using a 3-compartment acrylic fert...
  2. DIY
    Hey all, Maybe I'm not keyword searching the right words of what I am trying to get advice on. Does anyone know how I could mount my Fluval Ebi lights to a rimmed tank? I bought some Finnex LED's for my Ebi and I want to use my 2x 13W Ebi CFL fixtures on my 20g long. I was thinking about...
  3. Fish
    Hello I have had 2 cory sterbai's for 4 months now and one is very active, happy and has a beautiful sickle tail whilst the other one after a month had no barbles and now I left for a while (school) and when I came back (after being fed, good water etc by my parents) the tail is...
1-3 of 5 Results