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  1. Plants
    So I was kind of thinking about growing and perhaps selling my own Christmas Moss, does anyone know the proper way to propagate this moss? I thought about filling the bottom of a tote with worm castings, placing the moss on top, and then covering the tote with plastic wrap with the daily...
  2. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I currently have three tanks. One Aqueon Shrimp tank with yellow shrimp and a couple of nerite snails, one Fluval EBI Shrimp tank with a couple of nerite snails, and a 8 gallon tank I'm using as a medical tank for new plants before planting them into the other tanks Currently, the Aqueon and...
    Looking to buy large portions (baseball - softball size) of Christmas, Weeping, and Fissidens Fontanus mosses. Can be from same person or multiple people.
  4. Plants
    I made a Driftwood bonsai and elected to try Christmas Moss for 'leaves'. WHAT A MISTAKE.... It's the messiest [censored][censored][censored][censored] I've every seen. It's been it there for about 3 months now. I used fishing line to secure it to the wood. I've got shoots of it ALL over the...
  5. General Planted Tank Discussion
    I want to use a bonsai in my tank but I also have a betta, so I bought one that has rounded discs at the end. Any pointed bits will be sanded. I've seen the instructional YouTube video on how to attach moss to the ends of bonsai trees, but that was with pointier ends and sponges. For something...
  6. New York
    Hi everyone. Does anyone have flame and phoenix moss and cherry shrimp for sale at this time? I also have christmas moss for trade if anyone is interested. Thanks.
    Looking for some java moss or similar, java ferns, easy anubias, etc for an eclipse 12 I rediscovered in storage. Planning on keeping it fairly low tech, and lightly stocked fish/shrimp wise so just looking for some quick and easy plants so I can get it going. I'm in western WA state if anyone...
  8. For Sale/Trade
    Five big branches of Hygrophila difformis and about apple size bunch if Christmas moss and Java moss. They are easy to identify and separate, if you want them to grow separately. Total price $15.00 shipped. Will send it Priority USPS. Will trade it for dwarf Sagittaria, if you have it.
  9. For Sale/Trade
    About orange to grapefruit size algae free ball of Christmas moss, $15, shipping included. Can add branches of Hygrophila difformis or red leaf Cryptocorine beckettii.
  10. Low Tech Forum
    hi from spain, ill figure i show you my jungle i don't have substrate the lights are2 t5x24w the tank is 60 liters and i don't dose fertilizers water change 25% 3 times a week well here it is sorry for my bad English I'll hope you like it!!
  11. For Sale/Trade
    I have an excess of myriophyllum mattogrossense, Najas Roraima, Christmas Moss and some Cryptocotyle Nurii. Medium Size USPS Box with assorted plants, carefully wrapped. I am selling on Ebay and have very good rating on my plants. $37 with free shipping.
  12. For Sale/Trade
    Hi! I haven't touched my tank for awhile (A REALLY LONG WHILE) and a lot of my plants are overgrown. I need to sell them all for really really cheap :grin2: Mini Xmas - 4/5 clumps Fissidens - 1 clump Alternanthera reineckii Mini - 10+ stems (most are 10+ inches so I'll cut these smaller to fit...
  13. General Planted Tank Discussion
    Hey guys, My setup is I have a 10 gallon planted tank, diy citric acid co2, a finnex planted+, and eco complete substrate. I have dwarf hair grass, amazon sword, java fern, italian val, xmas moss wall, and anacharis. What do you think of the setup? My dhg is melting but I think they grew...
  14. WTB/RAOK
    Looking for a good amount of Xmas moss (or similar, not java or flame). Probably 2 cups worth. Thanks!
  15. Plants
    I need help ID-ing this moss. The guy I got it from said it was christmas moss but I cant really tell. I was thinking its just java moss.
  16. For Sale/Trade
    Both species are growing pretty well in my tanks. I would like to trade either of them for a few young small plants of Java Moss. Orange size loose ball of Java Moss or Christmas Moss are offered. They are algae free, but small snails are possible. I would consider other easy to grow plants...
  17. For Sale/Trade
    I have the below for sale: Crypt Wenditti, Crypt lutea- $3 Crypt Florida Sunset - $6 Fissidens Fontanus, Flame Moss, Christmas Moss - $6 enough to cover a 2" by 2" area Monte Carlo (carpeting) - $6 (2" x 2" area) each portion Java Fern - 0.50 c for small plantlets, $3 for 1" rhizome with...
  18. For Sale/Trade
    What up TPT! Christmas moss (originally purchased from Ebi) - $5 per golfball or 4 portions for $22 shipped Priority Mail (10 portions available) Shipping is $3 USPS First Class or $6 USPS Priority Mail (recommended). Came from a medium light tank with CO2 injection and daily PPS-Pro ferts...
  19. For Sale/Trade
    Now I'm having extra mosses want to sell. I have the freshwater Süßwassertang (Round pellia), Java moss, Christmas moss, Taiwan moss, and Flame moss for sale. This is perfect to use for freshwater fish/shrimp tank. Rare Regular Christmas, Taiwan, and/or Flame moss cost: $8 per portion...
  20. For Sale/Trade
    Nice selection of plants available. Please provide your full shipping address when private messaging me. Shipping will start at $7 and be shipped usps priority. Please mind your weather, will not be responsible for doa or usps mishaps/delay. Shipping days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday...
1-20 of 34 Results