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  1. Fish
    My 60P (60L, 17 gal) tank has been running for close to two months. It's cycled, but is home to nothing but hitchhiker snails and plants so far. I'm struggling to decide what fish to keep...I feel like a good-sized shoal of a small fish would look nice. Part of me also would like some variety...
  2. DIY
    I am looking at making a DIY CO2 Absorber, and I am considering two different options. The first is spin off of the traditional Rex Grigg or Cerges style reactors where CO2 is trying to rise against downward flowing water. The twist here is that I would make the body "conic" instead of...
  3. Equipment
    I thought I would post some info about different kinds of fish tanks and fish tank designs. I have found choosing an aquarium difficult in the past just because of the huge amount of choices that are available. Basic Tank Information Most people know (even beginners) that the main materials...
  4. Fish
    i want fun fish not ones that just stay in the same place all day or hide I also want them to be Big And Fun
1-4 of 4 Results