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  1. Illinois
    Hello all! Im looking for White cloud minnows (Tanichthys Albonubes) for my new planted tank. Anyone sell them locally? Thanks!
  2. Illinois
    I have visited or called over a dozen stores and none of them have Pygmy, Salt & Pepper or any other small (around 1") variety of Cory. I didn't realize these would be so difficult to find. Does anyone know of a local location that carries any? I'm in the Aurora/Naperville area, but at this...
  3. Illinois
    Figured it's about time to get this thing rolling... little over a month and a half away... who's ready?! Please post any WTT/WTB/WTS ads in this thread If posting any WTT/WTS/WTB ads, please use BIG RED BOLD LETTERING in the first line to distinguish it from other posts. Be sure to exchange...
1-3 of 3 Results