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  1. Hi

    New Member Introductions
    hi my name is Doulglas I am 12 years old I live in southern CA I am intrested In geting my own tank a 20 or 30 Gal long I want it to be carpted Also I am intrested in keeping chery Barbs are will the chery barbs going to eat the carpted plants? also What fish can I keep with the chery...
  2. Fish
    Hi, I would love advice and suggestions as I re-stock my tank. I currently have in my 45 gallon tank two Australian Rainbowfish, 3 Cherry Barbs (2 Female 1 male) And one blue ram I have a lot of room in my tank... What should I add? Thanks in advance for your input!:smile: (Note: I'd prefer...
  3. Fish
    True or False? Cherry Barbs can make a shy group of Kuhli Loaches feel more secure in the aquarium, group being 6+ specimens. Have you ever heard of Kuhli Loaches feeling more secure if there are Cherry Barbs in the tank with them? I ran across this once researching Kuhli Loach care, noted it...
1-3 of 3 Results