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  1. DIY
    Hi everyone! I am using a Red Sea Reefer 350 as my Planted Tank, with pressurized CO2. I had an inline atomizer connected to my return line from my sump. However, I ran into the typical issue with a ton of bubbles in my DT. I thought I would solve this problem by building a Cerges reactor and...
  2. Equipment
    Hi, About a year ago I built a Cerges reactor and attached it to my Fluval 206 canister. After about 10 minutes there was no flow out of the canister. I had assumed that this was due to the canister not having enough head pressure. I took it off and stored it away until I had a bigger...
  3. DIY
    Hi everyone, I recently built a pretty big cerges reactor for my 200 gallon and was confused about which direction the water should flow in and out of the reactor. There seems to be a lot of mixed opinions on this and was wondering if there is a consensus on what works better. Right now the...
  4. Equipment
    I have lurked here for 6 months and learned more about aquariums in that time than I have 40 years prior with the seat of my pants and trial and error - I want to thank you folks for sharing your blood sweat and tears so unselfishly, that others may share and learn by you. Here's my question -...
1-4 of 4 Results